If you want to fix your hardwood floor, you are probably considering a DIY project. However, it is probably best to hire a professional for your flooring repair project. You will get a lot of advantages from professional hardwood floor repairers. First of all, you will get the convenience that is second to none. However, the real selling point is the end result. Unless you’ve got the tools and skills, DIY repairing jobs hardly look professional.

Here are the common reasons why it is best to hire a professional for your hardwood repair task:

Premature Wear

The look of your newly finished stained, and sanded wood floors will amaze you after a week or more of hard work. However, you may not feel that way for the next couple of months. You might be repeating the process within a year if you make one of the most popular DIY floor refinishing mistakes.

It will require a lot of effort and time to refinish a wood floor. Unfortunately, homeowners have a way of underestimating the task, no matter how many times you say this. For a couple of individuals, this results in ignoring the obvious or taking shortcuts.

It is crucial to go over the floor a couple of times in finer grits of sandpaper once you sand away imperfections. This will produce a completely smooth surface. Your hands and eyes may have issues noticing the difference. However, it will mean a huge difference to your finish and stain.

If you ignore fine sanding, the finish and stain will sink into grooves in the wood flooring. This means that less stain and finish will stay on the surface. This results in a couple of issues. It will lead to a floor that looks blotchy and rough only several years later.

No Flakey Finish with Experts

Peeling and flaking floor finish can result from a couple of application errors. However, the stain residue excess left behind is the most common. The stain becomes more difficult to get rid of the longer it stays on the wood. Also, it is problematic if you add several coats of stain. This will lead to excess buildup. This is really a common issue for homeowners who want to have darker stains.

It will lead to peeling if you just apply finish before the floor is dry. The stain might require 1 up to 4 days to completely dry, depending on the color and the brand.

Sanding Scars

Almost every DIY refinisher rent a drum sander. However, this isn’t the same equipment utilized by experts. You may avoid any damage to your wood floors if you utilize a sander carefully and slowly. But, there are a lot of common issues that can happen when you use a drum sander. This includes swirl marks, scratches, pits, and dips.

In addition to that, you have to consider the dust and the impact it has on your final finish.

Expert hardwood floor repair professionals have access to high-quality sanders. This will help you prevent any problems.